A modern A-frame on mountain, complete with a private pool.

A lodging establishment that follows the modern aesthetic heritage of industrialism and minimalism as its primary design principles. A timber structure in the shape of an A-frame may be found at the very top of the mountain.



On the path that leads from the main road to the accommodations, you’ll find a mix of historic and more modern road surfaces, including cement. Any kind of car should be able to make it through, but you will need to drive with a heightened level of caution.

A tranquil setting in which one may get away from the commotion of the city and spend some time to themselves in peace and quiet.

Even after dark, we were able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the site by going star gazing.

The setting is really relaxing, and the structure itself is immaculate. You are more than welcome to bring your own cooler, and if the cabin does not have a refrigerator, you can ask the staff to get you some ice. However, it is possible that the cabin does not have a refrigerator.

They will point out to you in the direction of the two A-type cabins so that you can discover them and enter one of them. It is quite relaxing, and at the same time, it is very comfortable.

We have travelled all over the world, but this is without a doubt the most relaxing and enjoyable location that we have ever experienced.

It is a nest that is located in a secluded area and provides a wonderful view of the natural landscape that is located in the surrounding area.

The most striking feature is the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains.

The Christmas Eve that we spent there was spent enjoying the lovely weather that accompanied our trip. In spite of the fact that it was freezing, the setting was perfect because the view was so spectacular.

We had no trouble finding anything we required there thanks to the excellent location, which was also quite convenient. The staff was welcoming and courteous, and they were of great assistance to us.

The A-frame bohemian-style home



The house with the boho decor and the A-frame architecture that it features The moment you open your eyes, not only will you be welcomed with a stunning interior, but also by a garden that is Instagram-worthy in terms of its level of aesthetic appeal.

In the end, everything turned out just like it was supposed to. people that are really easy to get along with and get along with others.

The A-design of the home stood out in a way that was undeniably captivating for all the reasons that should have been considered.

The removal of some of the displays and fixtures would be an excellent and pleasant idea because it would result in the creation of additional space and give the impression that the place is both larger and simpler.

In addition to this, doing so would provide the impression that the location is less complicated.

The garden, along with the nature that surrounds it, is very breathtaking and has been well cared for. The location was breathtakingly beautiful in every possible way.

The interior of the home is rather stunning, and there are a lot of adorable decorations stashed away in all of the nooks and crannies that there is room for within the structure.

In addition, we had a great time making use of the private pool as well as the jacuzzi that was made available to us at no additional cost.

Private and secluded, the Cabin a Pahimis features a pool.



Our isolated A-frame may be found tucked away on a property that is 1,200 square meters in size and is located in Amadeo, Cavite. Only a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city is where you’ll find the peaceful retreat that is Cabin A.

You are welcome to soak in the invigorating breeze, as well as the views and sounds of the natural environment that surrounds our tiny cabin.

The walled-in property contains a garden as well as a dipping pool, in addition to an outdoor kitchen and dining space that is located outside.

The setting is quite nice, clean, and quiet, and it offers all of the conveniences that we require. It meets all of our requirements. The A-frame cabin has a suitable amount of space for the size of the property, which is quite a few acres.

Both the quality of the bed and the internet connection were excellent, making for a restful night’s stay. Since you are in the center of nature, you should make sure that your bug repellant is within easy reach at all times.

The ambiance was perfect for a group as large as ours to be able to relax and have fun in. Everything that had been advertised was there, from the elegant house with an A-frame style to the swimming pool, the outside eating space, and the kitchen.

The blankets that are provided radiate an energizing and comforting perfume, and the other pieces of furniture are all of a very good quality. When it comes to the extras that were provided, the pool was without a doubt one of our top picks.

The setting is really charming, and it offers a wide variety of services and facilities that are of great use. in every way exceeded the standards we had set for it.

The only issue that I’ve noticed is that there isn’t a shower nearby the pool, so we can’t wash off after we swim. This is the only drawback that I’ve noticed.

A-frame house with a pool, Casa Liwa Beach house



The shelter in the form of an A. The Casa Liwa Beach Villa is located in Liwa, Zambales, and was created with the intention of having your very own private enclave despite the fact that it is in the center of a laid-back surf town.

A timber home with two stories and a loft-style design, equipped with a private swimming pool spanning 28 square meters and placed on a private plot of land measuring 560 square meters. There is a limit of 14 visitors total that can be accommodated.

The two-story loft-style home was designed to incorporate elements of glamorous camping (sometimes known as “glamping”), the coziness of a traditional home, and a reference to the owner’s Filipino ancestry.

The internal space has been supplied with cutting-edge air conditioning and reclaimed hardwood floors to give the environment a feeling of character and history.

The surrounding area is quite beautiful. Completely justifies the money that is being asked for.

It is a wonderful choice for entertaining a small to large group of friends, since it is fairly convenient, particularly while you are cooking, and it is particularly useful in that situation.

This site is fantastic in every way. There are eateries in the neighborhood that are appropriate for vegetarians and vegans and that provide a diverse range of options for meals to choose from.

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