A man searches for Kittens in a woodpile.

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When a man called Cliff heard a faint meowing coming from within a pile of wood that was trapped within a dumpster, he immediately knew that he needed to take rapid action because the situation would quickly turn dangerous.

He acted immediately upon this realization. He came across a poor cat that was desperately attempting to gain someone’s notice by clinging to several pieces of wood.

He was able to help the animal. He was successful in rescuing the little kitty. Soon after that, he became aware of the fact that there were even more kittens than he had initially assumed there were, which was a surprising discovery.

A man searches for kittens in a woodpile.

A man searches for kittens in a woodpile.

There was no mistaking the fact that these teeny-tiny kittens were in some form of danger since it was abundantly clear.

In the beginning, Cliff rolled up his sleeves and started to work in an effort to save the poor kittens. As soon as he recognized what had taken place, he acted in this manner.

He labored at it for a total of seven hard and laborious hours, digging through piles of wood and metal debris to find them again so that he could retrieve them.

A man searches for kittens in a woodpile.

In the end, one of the kittens did not make it, but, happily, the rest of them were saved safely and were given the second shot at life they so badly needed.

Although one of the kittens did not survive it, the rest of them were given the chance they so desperately needed. Although we are sad to announce that one of the kittens did not make it, we are relieved to say that the rest of them did.

These poor, defenseless kittens had just started to open their eyes when we acquired them, which is an indication of how young they were when we got them. They need continual care and attention, regardless of the time of day or night, and this is true 24 hours a day.

A man searches for kittens in a woodpile.

The animal rescue organization Watching Over Whiskers, which has its headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, took the decision to take them in and is responsible for providing for their care. They were brought on board as a direct consequence of the decision that was made.

They were able to develop properly and reach adulthood in good health because the employees at the animal shelter looked after them and made sure they had all they required to live a healthy life.

A man searches for kittens in a woodpile.

These adorable newborn infants even got a brand new “mama” in the form of a rescued cat named Roxy, who is now caring for them. The family is very fortunate to have her as a member.

Roxy made it a point to give them first-rate care and pay close attention to the smallest of details on a regular basis.

It did not take very long at all until each and every one of the kittens reached an age when they were ready to be taken in by a new family.

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