A Lovely Log Cabin Perfect For A Couples Getaway In Oklahoma

Welcome to Log Cabin You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to witness for yourself the lavish interior of the Second Wind log cabin, which can be found in the United States close to Broken Bow, Oklahoma.


The Exterior

Because the log home is only reserved for your use throughout your time spent there on holiday, you will have the entire space to yourself. Guests will be able to self-check in and get admission to the log cabin thanks to the smart lock that will be installed.

The snug log home known as The Second Wind is ideal for hosting small families or couples who are traveling together as a result of its four comfy bedrooms. This makes the property a great choice for couples who are planning a journey together.

log cabin

Because the floor plan of the log cabin is open to the living space, families can spend time together while still having the flexibility to prepare meals and enjoy the floor-to-ceiling fireplace and the vast windowed vistas.

This is because the floor plan of the log cabin was designed with an open concept in mind. Because of this, the log cabin is perfect for family vacations in isolated regions, where the members of the family desire to spend time together.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The first floor of the log cabin features a laundry room, two full bathrooms, one-half bathroom, a bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a room with bunk beds for the children. In addition, there is a whole bathroom as well as a half bathroom located on this floor.

log cabin

The log home was constructed in such a way that adults could live on the same floor as their children, while at the same time allowing married couples to have their own space with two king bedrooms and an additional bathroom located on the upper floor.

This was accomplished via careful planning and design. The log home was built in such a way that adults and children could reside on the same floor. This was made possible by the design of the home.

The Outside of the Log Cabin

During your stay here on vacation, you will have access to a grill where you can prepare meals, a dining space that is situated outside, and either a hot tub or seating area situated outside where you can relax and unwind. All of these amenities will be at your disposal.

log cabin

Before you arrive for your vacation, the hot tub will have been drained, cleaned, refilled with clean water, and treated in preparation for your arrival. This will guarantee that it is prepared for your usage and ready to go.

The temperature of the hot tub has been raised to 98 degrees, and it is currently in a ready-to-use state. When you bought your log home, the owner’s manual that came with it should have come with instructions on how to use the hot tub.

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