A kind family takes in the sightless Himalayan cat.

A kind family takes in the sightless Himalayan cat.

Hello, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see A kind family takes in the sightless Himalayan cat.

When a coworker of Kathy’s told her about a questionable breeder who was looking for a new home for a blind Himalayan cat, Kathy realised she had no choice but to assist the tiny kitten with unique requirements.

“He asked [my coworker] if she would take her for free and take care of her,” Kathy recalls her coworker saying. “He was taking care of her.”

Via @superjosie_theblindhimalayan on Instagram

Kathy discovered that the two-month-old cat had lost her vision owing to an eye infection that had gone untreated because she was curious about the animal.

“One eye became very big and the other small,” recalls Kathy. “But the other eye remained the same.” “It most likely caused her a great deal of suffering.”

Via @superjosie_theblindhimalayan on Instagram

Kathy and her husband were so eager to save the Himalayan cat from what seemed to be an unsafe environment that they agreed to adopt the fluffy kitten before they had even laid eyes on her.

In point of fact, the only requirement they had was that she couldn’t be infected with any viruses; they didn’t want to expose their own cats to any potential danger.

Kathy notes, “We knew that we wanted to help her and could provide a good home for her with the attention that she needs.”

Via @superjosie_theblindhimalayan on Instagram

However, in order for the couple to be able to bring the blind kitten into their house, it was necessary for her to undergo surgery to have both of her severely injured eyes removed.

Kathy and her husband brought the kitten to their house in Plainfield, Illinois on December 18, 2021 — the day after the operation. They gave her a new name to mark her new beginning, and they named their new pet after the date.

Kathy reveals that Josephine Quiche’s full name is indeed Josephine Quiche. “We like to give our girl cats old-fashioned names, and all of our cats have breakfast foods for middle names.”

Via @superjosie_theblindhimalayan on Instagram

Josephine, also known as Josie, did not spend any time adjusting to her new home in spite of the fact that she is blind. However, she did require some assistance in order to learn how to properly descend from higher locations.

“My husband taught her how to jump down from furniture,” explains Kathy “He instructed her in the meaning of the word “down” and informed her of the distance at which she could safely jump down.”


Josie, Kathy and her husband’s second cat with special needs, is doing incredibly well now, and despite the fact that she is blind, she is a very active and energetic little kitten.

It has been a few months since they got Josie, and she is their second special needs cat. Josie’s favourite pastimes include chasing the other cats that live in the house with her, playing in the tunnel she has built for herself, and playing with crinkly balls and toy mice.

According to Kathy, the notion that cats with special needs are unable to enjoy a high quality of life is completely unfounded. “Some people think that special needs cats can’t have a good quality of life,” she says.


However, Kathy has realised that it is essential to refrain from moving things around too frequently, even Josie’s toys, because doing so can cause disruption to the mental map that she has constructed of her house.

Despite this, Josie doesn’t have a hard time moving around at all, and this is especially true when it’s time for her to dash up to the second floor for some food! “Animals are able to adjust and adapt very well to special needs, even blindness,” explains Kathy.

The reason Kathy and her husband decided to adopt Josie was because they wanted to take care of her, but they soon discovered that this kind and devoted little girl takes care of them in the same way that she takes care of Josie.

Kathy reports that she spent the previous week in bed with Covid, and that she was seldom ever away from her side of the bed. “Since my husband is self-employed, she spends the day ‘assisting’ him in his work from home.”


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