A-frame Made of wood Paradise found in close proximity to Mount Rainier.

A-frame Made of wood Paradise found in close proximity to Mount Rainier. Although there is no running water inside the home, there is a garden hose located outside for usage during the warmer months.



The cabin has a storage capacity of 25 liters throughout the winter months; but, given that we are located right on top, we are able to easily get more containers as required.

The location of the cabin is far out in the ocean. There is no one living in the immediate area, so you are free to turn off the lights and watch the boats that go by, the northern lights in the sky, and perhaps a reindeer right outside the window.

Although it is simple, this was exactly what we needed.

The cabin itself does not have running water, there was a garden hose tied to an outdoor shower next to the cabin, and the toilet was a hole in a wooden board that was located above a dump pile, which makes you worry how this will smell and attract flies when it is not winter…

The cottage is really warm and inviting, and the bed is luxuriously soft and toasty.Even though it does not have a shower during the colder months, we were able to get clean by going to the local spa at the end of the day.

The dishes had been used an inordinate amount of times, and we would have appreciated being informed that there were just paper cups and paper plates available.

The A-frame is a stunning example of nature.



The location was really well supplied; it had everything that was required.

This remote and private cabin is magnificent, located close to a picture-perfect lake, and offers an exceptional level of comfort.

The sauna and the jacuzzi are in excellent condition. Both the sauna and the hot tub were fantastic, and neither of them required as much time to heat up as I had anticipated they would.

The kitchen was very well stocked with everything that one may require, and Aki and his wife took us on a tour of the property and taught us how to make use of everything.

It truly provides everything that you might require in the future. It is nestled in the middle of the woods and right next to a lake that is breathtaking in its natural beauty.

This location is perfect for those who appreciate the great outdoors, a breath of fresh air, complete and utter silence, a sense of privacy, and stunning natural beauty.

The dry toilet is located in a separate structure located outside. In the middle of summer, mosquitoes may be a problem, so we made it a point to stay indoors during the early evening hours, which is when they are at their most active.

A-frame Cabin beautiful on a mountain


The Botha is a lovely cabin that can be located in the Menthol Hills and is situated on a sprawling farm that covers a total area of 84 acres.

It is a one-of-a-kind experience that enables visitors to interact with the natural environment on the farm and gives them the opportunity to do so.

The floor plan of the open-concept cabin includes a dining space, a brand-new kitchen, and a broad living area with a massive wood burner positioned in the geographic center of the room. In addition to that, there is a dining room within the cabin.

The mezzanine level contains a bedroom that is furnished with a king-size bed, a magnificent designer headboard, storage drawers, and a small window that provides a clear view of the night sky and allows you to gaze out and watch the stars.

You have the choice of unwinding and taking in the scenery on either the front or the rear deck of The Botha, depending on which one appeals to you more. Either way, you will have plenty of space to do so.

It is impossible to find a location that can compete with this one in terms of the amount of tranquility and beauty that can be experienced there.

The scenery and the actual both are absolutely stunning. The highlight of our stay was the calming hot tub, as well as the warm and welcome wood fires that were burning around the property.

The location was picturesque and private, while at the same time being simple to access. The cottage itself was tastefully decorated, cute, and cozy, and it offered everything that you could possible require during your stay.

In addition, Alison and Matt were an incredible assistance both before our stay and all the way through it. Everything is exactly like it was stated, and it works exactly how it should. There are no issues whatsoever.

The mountain house was beautiful



Because it was nestled in the midst of towering pine trees and offered vast vistas of the craggy peaks that were located all around it, the mountain home’s location was one of the most magnificent aspects of its overall appeal.

Anyone who stepped foot inside was immediately attracted by the building’s warm interiors in addition to the attractive log cabin facade that surrounded the structure.

It emitted a sense of serenity and coziness, which functioned as a tremendous magnet for the guests that came to visit, and this was one of the reasons why they came.

The large living room included a stunning stone fireplace in the space’s focal point, which made it the ideal location for socializing on frigid winter days.

In addition, the room was flooded with natural light because of the floor-to-ceiling windows, which enabled one to take in the breathtaking scenery from any vantage point within the space.

The kitchen of the A-frame, which was a part of the more rustic hideaway that it was a part of and which had been precisely planned out and was outfitted with contemporary appliances as well as granite countertops, brought a touch of grandeur to the space.

Each of the guestrooms provided a peaceful sanctuary, complete with enticing furniture, luxurious bed linens, and big windows that displayed stunning views of the natural nature in the surrounding area.

They were in for an adventure that they would never be able to forget if they went to the mountain residence, which was not only a beautiful site to behold but also a peaceful sanctuary.

The mountain house was not only a beautiful location to view, but it was also a haven of calm for those who were looking for peace and quiet in the company of nature.

Those who were looking for peace and quiet in the company of nature were sure to find it at the mountain mansion.

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