A-frame is in perfect condition

The quaint little A-frame cabin that sits at the very end of our garden. This super-chilled bedroom, which spans 12 square meters, is a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.




The Mango Nest is a basic nipa hut that has air conditioning and a ceiling above your head. It also has windows that have curtains to block out the light.


A spot to hang a towel and a pair of side tables are included in this space. If you wish to laze in the sun in the garden, there are two rattan seats that you can put there.


Because the restroom at the Mango Nest is located in the main house, guests will need to brave the elements and climb the hill in order to use it.


If you wish to make anything on the grill and use our outdoor seating area when the weather is nice, you can find a refrigerator, grill, and utensils in the cabinet that is located in the main house hallway.


Even at night, the village is peaceful, and the garden features an abundance of illumination.


Your temporary home during your visit will be the rustic hut known as the Mango Nest, which features a sizable backyard, a bathroom, and a grill.


The rain made the atmosphere even more comfortable. Those who will be checking in during the wetter months should make sure they are well equipped, as the restroom is located on the top floor and can only be reached by climbing one flight of stairs.


It is strongly recommended that you reserve this location if you are looking for someplace private, quiet, and pleasant to stay.


The well-being of the guests was the primary consideration in the design of this quaint yet unassuming hut.

The magnificent A-frame design is incredibly cutting-edge.




Because the house is already not convenient, it is much better if the environment is cleaner because it is much better, and if the location is too filthy, it makes the environment a little bit terrifying.


This is the place to go if you have a passion for billiards. Even taking into account the location, the place had a significant number of insects that were somewhat above the permissible thresholds. If you have an extreme aversion to insects, it is perhaps best to search elsewhere.


This is in no way what we had envisioned doing at all. A great deal of discontentment. My first stay at an Air B&B was a miserable one.


The outdoor barbecue was ridiculously undersized and not at all what I had anticipated.


Although there was a fan, the air conditioning didn’t appear to function very well, and the indoor air was rather muggy.


When we arrived, the screen door that led to the outside was also damaged in some way.


The balconies were an attractive feature. They have everything you could possibly need in the kitchen, and the beach is just a short stroll away. They will also supply you with additional chairs and the necessary necessities.


However, the listing focuses more on the visually appealing interior rather than the amenities that are available to guests, despite the fact that everything was just as aesthetically nice as the photographs indicate.


The location was wonderful and managed to be both roomy and inviting all at once. One of our members’ go-to spots, thanks in large part to the fantastic WiFi, is the loft that’s been outfitted with a projection display.


It provides everything you may possibly require for a relaxing and enjoyable visit. Although it is not at all difficult to spot, it certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat as you are moving closer to the house.

The Tree A-frame that the forest covered




The Treeframe is a contemporary a-frame treehouse that can be rented out for a short period of time and provides guests with an experience they won’t soon forget.


And because it is nestled in the middle of the woods and is encompassed by the natural world, our treehouse is the ideal accommodation for vacationers looking for an unforgettable experience.


Nick is always ready to answer any questions that may come up during your visit, and the A-frame comes fully stocked with all of the conveniences and comforts necessary for a restful stay.


The Treeframe Cabin, the Gray Cabin, the One Acre Grass Field, and the Forest Walking Trails Behind the Cabin.


This was such a stunning house and area, and it featured a ton of wonderful facilities. Gorgeous vistas both from within the home and from the underground hot tub.


The cabins were beautiful and cozy. Each one was so different from the others, comfy, well-cared for, and well-stocked with all of the essentials as well as some extras.


The site was stunning, and its layout was thoughtfully designed to provide adequate separation from the property’s other quaint cabins.


This was an experience that will never be forgotten! The treehouse cottage had everything you could want, including breathtaking scenery and a fantastic setting just by the river.


The ideal location for getting in touch with nature while yet being able to take use of all the luxuries that contemporary life has to offer.


The most desirable feature was the secluded setting in the woods, close to both hiking paths and a river. This is a wonderful place to stay, and we strongly suggest it to everyone!

The lovely A-frame on the mountain




The stunning A-frame cabin enjoys a spectacular mountaintop setting, with plenty of natural light and a breathtaking panorama.


There are wildflowers in the spring, greenery in the summer, leaves in five colors in the fall, buckwheat blossoms in the fall, and a silver landscape in the winter.


Two magnificent houses make up this private residence in Sagye, perfect for individuals looking to relax, rejuvenate, and leave happy memories with loved ones.


The ascent to the mansion was challenging, but there was good cause to do so. Because of its hillside location, the view was spectacular, and the pleasant evening air made for a breathtaking sunset. The hotel I reserved for my bridal shower was fantastic.


I had reserved this room for my family and friends, not myself. The couple claimed to be the hotel’s oldest guests ever.


The sheets and the plumbing are both immaculate. Most notably, there is no sense that using the air conditioner is a waste of time due to the high altitude.


The view from the room was amazing. The real thing much exceeded my expectations.


The inside was spotless and comfortable. Because of its elevation in the mountains, I anticipated bitter cold, but the heat forced me to shut off the furnace and sleep with the windows open.


There are a lot of flies around because it’s summer, but the BBQ is spotless and the proprietor is quite nice if you bring an electric fly rod.

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