A-Frame house with a vista of the mountains

A-Frame house with a vista of the mountains Spend some quality time with the people who are important to you, whether they are friends, family, or loved ones, at this serene place and enjoy a wonderful day together.


On the top level, there is a double bed and a single mattress, and in the living room, there is a sofa that can be unfolded into a double bed and a single bed.

Additionally, there is one bathroom, a kitchenette, and a dining area, as well as a wide balcony with breathtaking views of the mountains in the area.

This is an A-Frame cabin that has a sizable balcony with a view that takes in both the river valley and the mountains that are located in the surrounding area. With one double bed and one couch bed that folds out into a bed, there is sufficient space for up to four visitors.

The hosts are really kind, and the food and wine they make are among the best we had anywhere in Georgia. We highly recommend this place. In addition to the spotless cleanliness of the cabin, they serve some of the finest wine and cuisine in all of Georgia.

Even though none of us spoke the language, we were still able to communicate with the hosts just fine, and they even supported us in making our way back to Batumi in a secure manner. The hosts were really generous with their hospitality.

The property enjoys a wonderful setting because to its location in the middle of the mountains and the relaxed vibe that pervades the region.

The people that operate the place are wonderful, and they are very generous with their time. In addition, the scenery is fantastic.

The stunning A-frame setting with its surrounding natural beauty


The absolutely stunning A-frame setting, in addition to the absolutely stunning natural scenery that surrounds it.

The house was located next to another private estate in the neighborhood, so the view that could be seen from the property was not quite as stunning as it appeared in the images. Nevertheless, it was still pretty lovely.

When we called the host, he answered the phone in a timely manner and was able to provide us with some assistance even though we were unable to find the location where the event was being held.

It is a nice place for taking it easy and simply relaxing all by one’s lonesome in the company of one’s own thoughts. This is a place where one can go to be alone with one’s own thoughts.

Because it was a little residence that exuded warmth and had been tenderly maintained by its owners, it was the ideal location for getting away from it all and finding some peace and quiet.

In addition to this, the kitchen and the bathroom are both fully equipped with everything that could possible be required of them and have all that is required to make them functional.

The fact that there was construction taking place at the area when we initially came in the morning made it more difficult for us to appreciate the view to the full extent that it normally would have.

The site, by itself, already has a lot going for it, and that really speaks for itself. Giorgi is an exceptional host who is highly responsive and quickly provided solutions to any issues that emerged during our stay.

We had a great experience staying with him. Staying with him is something that comes highly recommended by us.

The Pink A-frame that’s out by the lake.



The Chalet, which is located on the shores of Lake Eucumbene, is the perfect site to serve as a home base for activities that take place outside, regardless of whether these activities take place on land or in water.

This is because the Chalet is in an ideal location to function as a home base for such activities.

In the rivers and streams, fishing for trout is only permitted during specific times of the year; however, trout fishing can be done in the lake throughout the entire year.

This location is ideal for recharging your batteries over the weekend if you are seeking for a place that is not only welcoming but also warm.

The A-framae is a wonderful area to visit because it is so lovely, and this is especially true on the weekends! We could not have hoped for a day with more perfect weather, and the venue could not have been more ideal in terms of how well it met our needs.

The experience of staying at Pink Chalet was certainly one that will stick out in my mind and was really delightful.

Susan was a wonderful host who attended to our every requirement and went out of her way to ensure that we had all we needed to have a pleasant stay at her home.

Because of her, we were able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest while we were there, and we owe all of that to her.

Spending the night at The Pink Chalet was one of the most pleasurable things that could have happened to me because of the standard of the accommodations.

Spending time there was enjoyable because of the welcoming and cozy vibe that permeated the space.

The best place to stay in Yokka is in an A-frame.



We are overjoyed to be able to make our home available to you to use as a private residence, especially as it will be reserved specifically for your use.

In addition, there is a lanai that provides an outside space that is ideal for socializing with others and unwinding while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea of your choosing. You may take advantage of this lanai in any season.

Very well-kept, and in every respect it exceeded our expectations by a significant margin. Ate Jenny, who worked as a caregiver, became well-known throughout the community.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, getting in contact with them is simple, and you can count on them to be helpful.

They were so kind as to give us a complimentary slice of their delicious pizza as soon as we walked through the door. The presence of the guard imparted a sense that one was in a very secure setting.

The site is spotless and boasts a high level of sophistication.

Because there are so many amenities and things to do, there is never a dull moment here. Some of the most popular attractions include the swimming pool, the videoke machine, and the basketball court.

If they had given us advanced notice, it would have been lot easy for them to manage our expectations and set those expectations.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, getting in contact with them is simple, and you can count on them to be helpful. They were so kind as to give us a complimentary slice of their delicious pizza as soon as we walked through the door.

They made sure that I could get my hands on whatever that I needed at any time of the day or night.

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