A-frame House – Beautiful Hygge Chalet and Sauna

In this episode, we will see a Beautiful Hygge Chalet A-frame house and Sauna

This A-frame cabin is called the Hygge Chalet which means a calm, comfortable time with
people you love that are located in Grant, Colorado, United State.

It’s about an hour from Grant Colorado and a half outside of Denver located on the side of a mountain and the views from this place are just beautiful there are mountains everywhere and rocks and trees.

The Exterior of the A-frame House

This A-frame house is very blue and white it stands out in a pretty nice way amongst nature and just pops right into your facingA frame house beautiful hygge chalet and sauna

This A-frame house has a deck area on the right side, there is a dining area and a grill and then a chair to sit here but this month the snow is covered and on the other side is your sauna it’s just for two people.

Inside of the A-Frame House

The inside of this A-frame house is quite spacious and the ceiling is very high the triangle is very unique and beautiful the windows everywhere and making this house feel cozier.

The Master Bedroom

The first door of this A-frame cabin is the main bedroom it’s very bright and keeps the ceiling A-frame there is a nice bed and you got two nightstands on each side and the other side is your closet and a bookshelf.

The next door is your bathroom when you walk in you got your sink and a full-size shower and your toilet is a beautiful and spacious bathroom.

The Kitchen of the A-frame House

This is a pretty nice spacious kitchen with plenty of countertop space and then the bar area with plenty of seating options for eating or entertaining the guests. Continue along you got all of the amenities you need there a microwave, a blender toaster, your stovetop, and just all these cabinet spaces and a full-size fridge.

The Living Room

This living space is quite spacious and modern there is a lot of furniture you got a big comfy couch with a coffee table and on the other side, there is your fireplace with some seating options.

The Second Bedroom

This second bedroom is a very interesting and cool bedroom it keeps the point of an A-frame and you got a queen-size bed right in the middle with a window and two nightstands.

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