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A-Frame Cabin – Ultra-Modern 3-Story European House.

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Modern 3-Story European A-Frame Cabin.

A-Frame Cabin - Ultra-Modern 3-Story European House.
This three-floor A-frame cabin is located in North Carolina it has gorgeous million-dollar views behind the Smokey Mountains.

The exterior design is very unique the bottom floor is spacious and some stairs and all of the deck space are beautiful.

Walk up these stairs past the beautiful flowers, to check out more of what is on the surrounding property, there is the garden it is very peaceful just to walk around and explore.

The First Bedroom of The A-frame Cabin

This bedroom is one of three and there is a lot of white and a lot of neutral colors right next to the bed is a nightstand with some nice decorations some flowers, a lamp and you have a large closet and then you have some storage space.

A-frame cabin

The Bathroom of The A-frame Cabin

This little bathroom is not a ton of space but it still has everything you need there is your vanity and a toilet with an all-white design it’s very bright and beautiful.

The Main Floor Kitchen

The first room on this main floor is your kitchen with a lot of appliances there is a large countertop in the middle with a huge and deep sink.

On the other side, all stainless steel appliances are starting first with your stovetop, and next to this is your fridge and your freezer, and above this stovetop is your Bon Appetit and then your coffee and your microwave with a toaster oven.

a frame cabin

The right next to this side there is a tea room you have a comfy couch, a nightstand, and a large beautiful closet.

The Second Bathroom

This second bathroom is larger than the first bathroom it is similar in design to the first one but the vanity is very large and bright with a huge sink and a mirror and on the other side there is a shower with the curtain all rolled up it’s very unique.

The Second Bedroom of The A-frame Cabin

This second bedroom is very bright and airy there is a king-size bed next to the wall with a huge window and a nightstand with some flowers that make this bedroom feel cozy.

The Living Area of The A-frame Cabin

This living area is very spacious and pretty wide open space the ceiling is very tall and there is a large L shape sofa it’s very comfortable it can easily fit four or five people.

On the other side, there is your dining table with six sitting options it’s very bright and white and European Style behind this, there are your cabinets and you have a TV inside for entertainment.

The Outdoor Deck

This main deck is quite spacious there are two lounge chairs and a coffee table with a beautiful view from Smokey Mountains. a-frame cabin Behind this side, there is your chill-out space you have a beautiful table with four seating options and a grill, and a large carrot top space to prep some meals.

The Loft Area

This loft area is very unique you can see the window with all the wood beams going across everywhere with the bright white paint job.

The interior design of this loft is very beautiful and stylish the is a queen-size bed in the middle with two nightstands it’s a very cozy bedroom.

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