A-Frame Cabin-The Ultimate Scandinavian House!

The Little Scandinavian A-Frame Cabin!
The Little Scandinavian A-Frame Cabin!

In this episode, we will see The Little Scandinavian A-Frame Cabin!

This little A-frame cabin is called a Luciana it's located in Windham, New York.This little A-frame cabin is called a Luciana it’s located in Windham, New York.

Inside This A-frame Cabin

It is the ultimate tiny house it’s a mix between camping and a tiny house the A-frame is beautiful and so tiny looking when you walk inside you see there’s just enough room for your bed so it’s just a bedroom with a triangle window with a cool curtain hanging from it.A-frame cabin

There is a couple of side tables here and on the door behind you is a lantern, also on the door, there’s a circular opening used as a peephole very cool.

The Bathroom Of This A-frame Cabin

You walk out of the A-frame cabin just two steps you will see a tiny bathroom.

This bathroom is very beautiful and luxurious with the tiling the vanity a huge mirror and of course the walk-in shower with a huge skylight above it.

The full-size bathroom space it's look very modern.
The full-size bathroom space it’s looks very modern.

This A-frame cabin also has an outdoor shower for you which you can use in the summer
months it let you feel cozy.

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