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A-Frame Cabin – Unique Tiny Off-Grid 200sqft Cabin

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In this episode, we’ll talk about an A-frame Cabin – The Charming Off-Grid 200sqft Cabin.

A-frame cabin
This A-frame cabin is located in Sanbornton, New Hampshire.

The Charming Off-Grid 200sqft A-frame Cabin!

This property is a combination of a saltbox and an A-frame cabin, located in Sanbornton, New Hampshire, it’s a very unique tiny off-grid solar-powered cabin.

In front of this cabin, there is a fire pit area with two comfy chairs and a table where you can enjoy a place to get some fresh air and a beautiful view.

The barrel sauna is located on the left-hand side of this A-frame cabin it’s such a big sauna, inside is very quite spacious and fits four a couple or a small group.

The Interior of This A-frame Cabin

The A-frame cabin is very unique, the ceiling is very tall it making this A-frame feels quite spacious.

The main sitting area is a cozy vibe there is a comfortable couch with a huge window to get some natural light and a wood stove, the ladder which you go onto the loft space, and the dining table with four seating options.

The wood stove is very unique and this wood stove is kept to use during the winter months To make this house feels cozy and comfortable, above this wood stove, it’s a very cool area.

The host decoration here from the painting to the ornaments to the plants, the host spent too much time designing this wall.

The Kitchen of This A-frame Cabin

This tiny kitchen is pretty cool there is a sink, and a little burner so you can heat some soup or make some pasta, and on the right-hand side kind of some spices and some additional little cups and pans and glasses on this side.

The Bathroom of This A-frame Cabin

This bathroom is a very beautiful design there is a compost toilet up on the right-hand side there is some toilet paper, a lamp, and some frames, some hand sanitizer.

The Loft Area

This loft area is very spacious the king size bed is in the middle there is plenty of space which you can sleep for two or three people, behind this you got your lamp and a mirror and a little fan.

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