A family takes in a blind, epileptic kitten.

A family takes in a blind, epileptic kitten.

Hello, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see A family takes in a blind, epileptic kitten.

When Valeria found out that a sick kitten had been discovered in the vicinity of her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in January 2019, she was eager to assist the one-month-old cat. The kitten had been found next to some rubbish bins.

Valeria recalls, “I saw a post on Facebook from a guy asking for help,” and she was one of the people who responded.

On his way to work, he overheard the kitten sobbing, so he decided to take it with him. However, as soon as he got there, he realised that the cat was not in good health.

The man who rescued the young feline didn’t have the skills or money to provide her with the care she needed, so he turned to social media for assistance. “

I wrote to him straight away offering my help,” says Valeria, and that evening the man dropped the little grey and white cat off at her home “She was so tiny, skinny, and dirty.”

Valeria decided to give the stray cat the name Margot, after a strong character from the anime series Lupin the Third, despite the fact that the kitten appeared to be undernourished and dirty.

Valeria explains, “Margot is the name of the strong and mischievous woman who is the main character in my favourite animated cartoon.”

Valeria took the kitten, who was one month old at the time, to the veterinarian with the intention of getting her medical treatment and caring for her until she found a permanent home for her.

“I initially only wanted to foster Margot because I’m away for work a lot,” adds Valeria, who works as a flight attendant. “I’m away for work a lot.”

Valeria was unable to locate anybody who was interested in adopting the kitten with special requirements after a thorough examination revealed that the kitten suffered from epilepsy and blindness.

The epilepsy was most likely caused by a virus that the kitten received from her mother while she was still in utero. “I started putting up ads and tried to get her adopted,” recounts Valeria, “but because of her disabilities, nobody wanted her.”

Valeria was fortunate in that she was willing and able to provide the care that the kitten with epilepsy and blindness need to thrive, and as a result, Valeria made the decision to keep the grey and white kitty.

Valeria explains, “I completely fell in love with Margot, and with the assistance of my dear friend Sonia, who became her godmother, I was able to keep Margot with me.”


A little over a year later, the remarkable girl is doing extremely well, and when her mother Valeria has to travel for work, Sonia, who lives next door, watches for Margot in her stead.

Valeria’s absence has not had a negative impact on Margot. Valeria adds, “She needs to take epilepsy medication every 12 hours,” which is a struggle that not everyone is ready to take on. “It’s a lot of work.” “It requires a significant investment of both time and money.”


Despite the fact that Margot is blind and suffers from epilepsy, she is an exceedingly happy and active young lady who leads a life that is remarkably similar to that of a conventional cat.

This is despite the fact that she may require more time, money, and effort than a usual cat. “I guess most people think that blind cats do not have a good quality of life and that they probably can’t run around and play and be little predators like other cats,” adds Valeria.

“It’s probably because they don’t have the ability to see.” They have no idea what’s going on.


Photo Courtesy of Ban Tin

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