A Delightful Little Tiny House Filled With Light And Magic

Welcome to Tiny House the town of Perry, Georgia, which is situated in the United States of America, is home to this enchanting tiny house that can be found tucked away in the middle of an unending amount of foliage.


The residence, which is available for rent via the website known as Airbnb, has accommodations for a total of two persons each. These accommodations are supplied for each individual.

The Living Area

A kitchen that is compact yet functional and designed in a contemporary style may be found in the home’s primary living area since it is located there.

Not only that, but there is also a dining space, a restroom, and a sitting area that is furnished with a black couch. It is possible to convert the black couch into a double bed by unfolding it and putting it in this position.

To ensure that the light that entered the home from the outside was reflected into the inside, the walls of the tiny house were painted with a particularly striking hue.


Consequently, this led to the formation of an environment that was open and welcoming to anyone who entered.

On the other hand, the inside of the home is furnished with contemporary pieces as well as antiques, while the outside of the tiny house has a historic and rustic appearance.

Compared to the outside of the home, which has an antique and rustic appearance, this is particularly striking.


The Kitchen of the Tiny House

The kitchen in this model tiny house is located in the rear of the open living room area, which is a position that is quite convenient for accessing the kitchen.

tiny house

In this version, you have a great light countertop, and some of the cabinets are made of light wood and have glass doors on some of them. Additionally, some of the cabinets have glass doors.

Near the middle of the photograph, on the left side of the picture, there is a rack that is specifically designed for the plates. In the center of the photo is where you will find this rack sitting.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

A queen or king-sized bed, a dresser or chest of drawers, a wardrobe, and potentially even a spot for a chair or a reading nook are all possible in these rooms, which are nevertheless big enough to fit all of these items.

tiny house

You could find a room smaller than the ones shown below if you make your way upward. This is something you should keep in mind. Despite this, some rooms may still be considered fairly vast.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

In addition, depending on the size of the tiny house and the number of bathrooms that are required, you may have a couple of smaller bathrooms with single vanities and a common shower and bathtub.

tiny house

Or you might have a couple of bathrooms that are separate for each individual, as shown in the example below. Everything depends on the standards that are being met.

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