900sqft Shipping Container Home

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In this episode, we will see a 900sqft Shipping Container Home with a basketball court in Hawking Hills Ohio.

The exterior is this beautiful deep rich black with the white oak pillars in the front and I love the custom metal bracketing that goes around these wooden pillars and the white oak trim all around the windows it is beautiful the left and right sides are the two shipping containers that make up this home and in the middle.

They enclosed kind of the middle and made the space a lot bigger so it’s not just a shipping container they’ve just used these two shipping containers on the ends to start with the framing of this Barnum medium style and there are also lights all around this at night you can light this place up your front porch has a couple of benches right here for you to use and then you have your front door right in the middle.

The Living Room of Container Home

The welcome space on your left in the kitchen on your right in the middle you have this huge chandelier that is absolutely beautiful and you’ll notice already that there’s lots of space and it’s really bright and clean.

This is a beautiful living room space with the decor and the white and the leather furniture it’s very beautiful we have a leather couch and two leather seats with a beautiful coffee table in the middle and then your Samsung tv. You got a custom fireplace right below that with this beautiful stone and the wood ledge right here it is huge and this is the centerpiece I would say of your living room on both sides you have shelves and cabinets on this left side.

The Kitchen Area of the Container Home

There’s a huge dining table in the middle and it is this beautiful wood with the live edge all around it and the leather seats just all gorgeous and all the windows around here that let all this light in it is just phenomenal and on this left side which has your refrigerator and then you have a stove and microwave over here as well.

The countertop is a very unique white countertop and the sink just blends right in with the countertop it is seamless but it’s very beautiful and the rest of your cabinets are the same you open them up and they’re filled with goodies and everything you need. The right above these cabinets are your floating shelves which have your French press and your glassware and it’s just decorated very beautifully is a picture of hugging hills and this is just a luxurious kitchen.


The Master Bedroom of the Container Home

This is one of two bedrooms that you have it is a queen bed right up against this wall there are a couple of nice stands on each side it’s a little tight but it gets the job done and one really awesome thing about this bed is that this bed has a remote control to either raise you or lure you down so you can be raised up and then you have a nightstand over here to put your luggage or clothes in and that’s really about it for this bedroom you’d just be in here to sleep and store your clothes.

This is the last part of the home and it is identical to the other half so you have your master bathroom it is just an exact copy layout of the other side and the master bedroom on the back which is also an exact layout copy of the other side same bed everything so this place sleeps four people very comfortably you both have master suites and bathrooms.

This basketball court is seriously legit for just a home basketball court the whole ground is this concrete, so you can come out here and play some basketball.

The Back Area

In the middle is a dining table for outdoor eating over on the left side you have a couple of swings and on the right side you have this huge hot tub and the cool thing about this hot tub is the lid system you just flip over this cover and use this hydraulic system to lift the cover and it’s so easy and you also have a grill and you have an outdoor fire pit area beautiful Amish made chairs and a fire pit right in the middle they provide firewood for you you can sit out here and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

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