40ft TINY CONTAINER HOME w/ Wood Fired Hot Tub & Sauna

In the episode, we will see a40ft TINY CONTAINER HOME w/ Wood Fired Hot Tub & Sauna located in Canada.

This modern shipping container home.  it’s a 40-foot shipping container, so it’s about 320 square feet of space in the interior. But still, out here, I really love the bright red outdoor furniture and the grill. It can contrast perfectly with the slick black paint job. But before I go much further, of course, I need to get a fire going. So all the wood is provided by the hosts and it’s super simple, and quick, and easy to get a fire going.  

In the front of the container home, you can find your wood-powered hot tub and the sauna over there on the left there is a wood shed which has a ton of extra firewood for both the hot tub and the fire pit that we saw earlier if you’re not familiar with a hot tub like this you just start a small fire inside one of the compartments it heads up all the water and the smoke comes billowing out it’s just super cozy and relaxing especially with the river right there in the background.

the living room of this container home

The living room in more detail. On the right, actually, you’ll notice those two chairs which are against the kitchen countertop where you can enjoy your meals, and this counter in the living room has a bunch of books, DVDs, board games, and some more items like a telescope, a Bluetooth speaker, and some flowers. this couch off in the distance is insanely comfortable for you to read a book on.   

the kitchen of the container home

The kitchen has plenty of countertop space and all of your major appliances. But the best part has to be all of the free items and goodies that the host left behind. Again, they’re very generous. If you look in this far corner, you have practically a full-on breakfast bar that you may see in a hotel.

There are more Christmas decorations like the Christmas tree there on the left. Still beautifully done though by the host if you’re visiting this time of the year. We have two individual little outdoor chairs and a larger couch and I was a big fan of those bright red blankets.  

the bathroom

In the bathroom, we have 320 square feet of interior space to work with. Over on the left, you can find a simple sink here with a rounded mirror and all of the gorgeous wood finishing continues here in the bathroom.  

Container home

And you can see your toilet and above it, there are two shelves which have a ton of extra towels along with some other bathroom items like your shampoo and conditioner and your mouthwash.  

Container home

The bedroom

In the bed you have has those three large black cushiony panels. Opposite of that, you have these two black robes which are great to take out to the hot tub or sauna. And last but not least, you just have a multitude of pillows and some extra blankets that you can spot there at the very end of the bed.  

Container home

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