3D PRINTED HOUSE Is this the Future of Construction

In the episode, we will see 3D PRINTED HOUSE! Is this the Future of Construction located in the United Geneva, Florida

the exterior

This house building is a startup that is disrupting the construction industry with 3d printing technology, automation and robotic systems, they have a steel frame at the core of the structure and the shell of the building is 3D printed in less than 24 hours basically the giant machine which is 25 feet high it prints layer by layer.

the bedroom

we have a little sitting area by the floor-to-ceiling windows So you get a lot of natural light the space that we have is 350 square feet every tiny bit of the space counts and so we decided to stage this exec unit in Murphy fold up and you actually get a lot of space in the unit and we in murphy that folds up and you actually get a lot of space in the unit and the dining set up this exact murphy features a lot of shelving a lot of cabinets and drawer space.


The studio unit has a very compact kitchen with almost all the appliances and fixtures you need. There’s a cooktop. There’s a fridge. There’s a lot of, you know, very multifunctional shelving in here. And one of our favorite pieces is the pullout shelf that you can grab anything from the top shelf and quickly, you know, put it. Up.


the bathroom of this house

The bathroom was very spacious to not take up a lot of space we actually used the well-built tank for the toilet, which is steady, clean, and pleasing, all your mechanical electrical and plumbing core is literally in this wall because your kitchen is right behind it. So the building is California building code compliant, and you know, we’re compliantly titled 24, titled 25, the energy efficiency standards, and it’s built as a shell, you know, very airtight. So to prevent moisture stacking in the building, we actually built the motion-motion-detected fan. That sucks up all the humidity out of the building Implemented in the shower.


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