Canada Tiny House | 300sqft Mountain Top MICRO CHALET

In this episode, we will see The 300sqft Mountain Top MICRO CHALET in Canada Tiny House a located in Canada.

This house is high up in the mountains and it looks like two giant rectangles stacked on top of each other, and you can see a fire pit and your million-dollar view.

And these owners definitely went for the maximum amount of windows on this home you have those two massive window panes on the first and second floor.

The Living room

This Living room is really a modem so you got a fireplace and a couch and all around you has a window this is a perfect spot to curl up with a book to get some work done or to have a nice cocktail.

The Kitchen of the tiny house

This is your kitchen so you got a dishwasher on the left and a stovetop on the right is your fridge and freezer, Down below you have these four different stools and your counter basically doubles as both your counter and your dining table.

The Bathroom in this tiny house

This Haft bathroom is small you so can find it right left of the kitchen.


The Master Bedroom

This is your master bedroom so you have a bed and the air conditioning unit, then the left bed is a bathroom, and since we are higher up on this top floor.


The Bathroom in this house

This room has a full sink and a large mirror into the actual bathroom you can see the same toilets that we saw downstairs in the half bathroom and these two extra shelves with more storage space.


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