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25 Years Living Off-Grid on a Self-Built Floating Home

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In the episode, we will see 25 Years Living Off-Grid on a Self-Built Floating home located in New York.

The house on solar power for electricity (supplementing with a generator on grey days), they have a wood stove for heat, propane for cooking and laundry, and a composting toilet for their waste. There is a floating greenhouse and some raised garden beds on the deck that provides approx. 50% of their fresh vegetables in the summer.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, we have a good size so you can see a large countertop and for ​Cooking utensils and other items​, the gas stove and a fridge all in this room, this place is very comfortable and you have everything you need.

The Living room of the home

In there’s the room you have a flower chair so you can seat and a little desk it feels bigger than the living room and dining room are all together one big room and they’re they’re spacious enough for us and they’re even spacious when we have people here it feels bigger.


The Bedroom of the home

This bedroom is downstairs and then there are two bedrooms and a storage area upstairs it is a nice functional little cabin for its 900 square feet it gives you a lot we have quite an inventory of Driftwood that has been acquired off of beaches and you enjoy building out of making furniture and just kind of cool little bits and pieces.


The Bathroom of the home

In the bathroom, you have a toilet and two hand towels hanging on the door and then you can find a counter in this room there has a toothbrush soap, and a mirror the only thing missing is a shower but since the floating home is located in a remote spot and Water Management here is a challenge the showers are in a separate building.


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