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20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Epic Off-Grid Cabin

In the episode, we will see Used 20ft Shipping Containers cabin Turn Into Epic Off-Grid located in Portugal.

This shipping container cabin has an incredible view overlooking the ocean it was built with three used 20-foot-long shipping containers and then the windows were framed in at the front where you can open the door of the container and get fantastic.

And everything in here is powered with solar it’s not a big system so you do have available TV the fridge light and the charging are all powered with solar it is very cool.

The Living room

This is your living room you can see a couch and it is very nice and you can sit four or five people in here, the TV and you can enjoy the movie Netflix or small party with a desk and then all around this room you have a large window so you can enjoy the view from the ocean it is amazing for a couple to come in here.

The Bathroom of the cabin

The bathroom is clean and smells good, and you can find a shower toilet, and sink the difference is that everything is using rainwater and hot water there’s some black tubing coiled on the roof of the container that provides hot water so it has to be a sunny day to get hot water.


The Bedroom of the cabin

This bedroom is small but it is okay and you have a bed in here and the theme hanging the wall and the window it is very clean and beautiful in here.


The Kitchen of the cabin

The kitchen is gorgeous, you can have a stove in here and a fridge then there has a lot of countertops and so you can cook or do something in here too it is a very light view here from this kitchen.


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