2 TINY HOUSE Connected w/ Big Porch is Couple’s Dream House

In the episode, we will see 2 tiny house Connected w/ Big Porch is Couple’s Dream House located in the United States southwest.

This Tiny house we have two buildings and the deck between it we just build last year it’s about 22 by 20, especially in the summertime we really love this outdoor deck space it’s huge and we have a lot of people out here and we can entertain or watch movies we have a speaker connected inside so we can play music out here, and this tiny house is on 20-foot long trailer that we purchased from tumbled here in colorado we actually purchased the structure already framed on the trailer and then we did all the finish work.

the kitchen

This is your kitchen is very pretty much on the main space we have a 20-foot long trailer we dedicated we think 14 feet of that all to the kitchen and we decided because we have our other living space this space could primarily serve as that function so we put a much bigger sink in the nice deep sink did some cabinetry custom shelving because we were traveling so much on the first build we had to worry a lot about weight and we added a huge upgrade was the drawer style dishwasher, and than an original toaster oven still.

the loft of the Tiny house

Tiny house

The loft we have a queen size bed we think this bed every way to find the right place our heads and we finally ended up with our heads toward the window seems counterintuitive because the ceiling goes low but we can actually sit up fully sit up back here still we bought this little projector this is kind of our TV in the sleeping loft super handy super small it has android built-in so you can get all sorts of fun apps like Netflix and everything right on it we have an automatic drop-down project screen.

the bathroom of this Tiny house

Tiny house

The bathroom space we had on the first one we made as tight as possible to maximize the other space so we literally had a tree additional feet out we have an actual regular-sized shower not a tiny house shower and in the previous build we did do composting toilet because we were traveling so much we didn’t always have to place to hook up to plumbing or septic but because we bought our own land here with septic already installed we decided to just go with the traditional toilet it just felt a little bit more normal in normal size bathroom.

the sitting area

Tiny house

In this mini house, you can see a couch and we got a separate fridge and an ice maker just a little more room for us to relax we also added this home office set up here we have been using this recently a couple of days a week work from home and so we use the TV as a monitor and then we also have an AC in her which we just put in the summer.

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