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19 Yr Old’s TINY HOUSE Provides Her Security After College

In the episode, we will see 19 Yr Old’s TINY HOUSE Provides Her Security After College located in Simi Valley, California

The tiny house at 19 and now had achieved financial independence at young age white owning her first home, this tiny house is a small space and just having everything we need in one area just thinking about all the energy and resources that go into maintaining these large homes like it’s so frustrating for me, we think our generation respects the experience rather than the things in our lives.

This is a living room slash guest bedroom area right now is set up as a couch but it comes as a chair at this point we just kind of keep it down all the time because when people are over this is like the main place that people kind of initially sit down and hang out and this is also where we have on the book, so it looks it like a little library area.

The loft storage and up there we have a projector my printer it’s kind if the stuff that doesn’t down here just to kind of stick it up there and try and keep it as organized as possible.

The kitchen we like the breakfast nook slash extended cooking area slash alternate workspace people are coming over they hang out here we do work here a lot of the stuff that’s hanging here we actually make an espresso machine because we always want to know how to do latte, they have a large sink and the stove just to free up the counter space.

And over here I have all my spices on the side of the fridge,  which obviously clears up more space in the pantry and then it’s just super easy to grab it while I’m cooking and put it in whenever I’m making.  So I have a pretty large fridge for tiny houses. The three-fourth size fridge.    

This is your bathroom right here we have a shower it’s a pretty small shower but it does the job and then the sink and here’s my composting toilet. It’s a nature’s head composting toilet. I really like the composting toilet.  It works very well. It’s very efficient. And then over here I have three shelves,  actually just added one recently and has all my makeup and skin products and it kind of is like a cool display.    

This is the loft, The most important thing that I’m like really glad that I did is this skylight. Right now it’s covered up just so that it’s not super bright in the morning, but it opens up about a foot and a half I’d say, which is a godsend for when it’s summer because then all the heat that builds up here can just go right out there. and it’s nice to just kind of have like a kind of cozy space. People call it a cave.

The outside space is also enjoyable because you kind of have to coexist between inside and outside because there isn’t that much space inside. I have my little setup out here and I also have my potted plants. Slash. Garden plants are something that I’ve always loved so I love coming out here and just taking care of the plants.

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