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14 Years Living Off-Grid in a Self-Built Cabin & Farming Tons of Food on the Land

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In the episode, we will see Living Off-Grid in a Self-Built cabin & Farming Tons of Food on Land located in New York.

finally got our first solar panel with a little Marine deep cycle battery we use that for a couple of years and that ran lights we have five 320-watt panels on the roof and we have 400 amp hour lithium batteries we decided to change over from a lead for 14 years we built our own house.


The Living room

In this living room you have an old little stove that we had a making fire and having that as the main source of heat in our home that’s fulfilling you can see the chair and the table coffee you can enjoy your coffee in the morning, a natural plant and the lighting on the ceiling is very nice to make this room bright and the glass window to make you feel relax from the outside.

The Kitchen of the cabin

In the Kitchen, you can see a washing bathing and for cleaning our dishes and stuff it comes from the Quarry so we have like a little honda pump that pumps water into a reservoir up in our room and its gravity fed into the house we put in upstairs so that it doesn’t freeze in the winter.


The Bathroom of the cabin

In the bathroom, you have a toilet and you have a sink, and a large hot tub of toothpaste and you have all very think you need, this bathroom is very clean and smells good, you can take a bath and enjoy your shower.


The Bedroom of the cabin

In this bedroom, you have a king-size bed you also sleep with a couple and you see a smart TV and on the head bed, you got a beautiful light, The color of the wall is green it is an amazing and beautiful room but it is comfortable.

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